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    Anko Optics focuses on the development and manufacturing of lightweight, safe, and explosion-proof PC transparent composite products and innovative applications, with patented original equipment technology and material processes.


    Anko Optics Ankoglass started in 2018 and was independently founded by the original management team of Kunshan Yisheng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. (a listed company of Taiwan Honghai Group) (with Yisheng participating). The company has overcome the challenges of foreign processing equipment and processes, successfully developing globally unique pre hardening and hot pressing printed PC hardening plates and large-sized PC glass. It has become the first automotive plastic glass manufacturing enterprise in China to obtain the European E-mark certification for automotive plastic safety glass and pass ECE R43 testing.


    In 2018, Suzhou Anko Optical Technology Co., Ltd. was established. Jiangsu Anko Optical Materials Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2020. In 2022, Anhui Anko Optical Materials Co., Ltd. was established, and a PC hardening plate production workshop was established to further expand the innovative application of PC transparent materials. It has obtained the qualification of a first tier supplier from multiple host factories and has project cooperation with multiple well-known brands. The main product line is high-tech PC products such as color changing skylights, oversized PC windows, photovoltaic roofs, and transparent touch displays.


    Our goal is to become an industry leader in innovative applications of PC glass.

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