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    Polycarbonate has a specific gravity of 1.2, which is only half the weight of glass (glass has a specific gravity of 2.5). In addition, because it can be modularized, the original components can be integrated and modularized, and the number of components can be reduced. In particular, panoramic sunroofs and sky curtains can not only reduce the space and cost of curtains, motors and other components, but also greatly reduce the cost of OEMs. They are extremely suitable for lightweight cars with new materials and new designs.


    Processing features such as large size and large curvature can free automotive designers to take advantage of the limitations of styling design, especially the overall arc of new energy vehicles, the streamlined shape of the canopy and rear tailgate, plus the effect of tail and high-position brake lights. This material can be more fully utilized.


    Traditional glass is not impact-resistant and easy to burst, forming a hidden danger in life. However, the impact strength of PC is 800 times that of ordinary glass. It is the only best choice for PC transparent material for armed police shields. Protect the personal safety of the person performing the task, and protect the people in the car from being thrown out of the car when the car rolls over, causing injury, hail, and there is no need to worry about the damage of the whole car glass, or theft of the car’s finances by someone breaking the glass.

    Energy Saving

    Ankoglass's unique patent, which can resist 99% UV, has an infrared heat insulation effect of 95%, and the patented nano coating is used to effectively isolate UV damage and heat. Control the temperature in the car more actively, reduce the use of air conditioning in the car, and reduce energy consumption
  • Advantage

    Traditional PC Glass vs Ankoglass


    Sun yellowing     vs     Highly Weather Resistance

    (Ankoglass Anti-UV99.9%Pass,Pass ECE R43 test)


    Easily scratch surface     vs     Scratch Resistant

    (The scratch resistance of Ankoglass has pass the European E-Mark ECE R43 test certification(M Level))


    Not resistant to chemicals     vs     Chemical resistance

    (The chemical resistance of Ankoglass has pass the ECE R43 test)


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  • Category

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    Lightweight PC windows

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    Impact resistant screen PC glass for logistics vehicles

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    Lightweight PC windows for rail transit trains

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    PC discoloration sunroof, oversized PC roof for bus

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    PC solar roof

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    PC star sky sunroof

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    Transparent touch display

  • Core Technologies

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    The unique optical thermoforming process eliminates stress and can be processed in large sizes

    Save Development Cycle

    Compared with injection molding molds, the same product mold can save more than 70% of the cost, and the development cycle is shortened to 3-4 weeks

    Innovative Application

    Using screen printing as the process, the pattern can be changed and customized, and solar energy, color changing film, transparent liquid crystal display, atmosphere light star window can be laminated as innovative applications

    Surface Coating

    Unique hot-bendable hardened film coating process, patented nano coating technology, improve cost structure, optimize the characteristics of the same foreign coatings

    Optical Effect

    The transmittance can be adjusted according to requirements, the range is 3%-90%, and the light effect is enhanced


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