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    270°Transparent Rail Train


    Size:L:30m * W:5m * H:5m


    — Full body PC material coverage

    — Spherical front shape

    — Super large-size hyperboloid transparent window

    — Oversized single transparent window

    — Weather-resistant hardened layer

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    Passenger Vehicle


    Size of car:L:3m * W:1.3m


    — One-piece window, spherical shape

    — Left and right side doors and windows / rear windshield / front windshield / sunroof, a total of 5 are all Ankoglass products

    — 99% UV blocking of PC windows

    — PC car window IR blocking up to 85%

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    Photovoltaic roof


    Size:L:3m * W:1.3m


    — Conversion efficiency 17%~23%

    — PC cover, lightweight and impact resistant

    — Hyperbolid modeling

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    Car windows


    — PC material can be turned at a negative angle

    — PC material can make a 90 degree arc in a transparent state

    — PC material can be combined with other heterogeneous materials

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    Baidu Autodriving Robot - Apollo

    The world's first - integrated PC cover both window and body


    — The whole PC product of the window body perfectly fits the streamlined body shape

    — Color customization, pattern customization, no need to repaint the body

    — Color-changing window function, protect privacy, avoid exposure to sunlight, isolate heat, maintain the temperature inside the car, and reduce energy consumption of air conditioners

    — PC lightweight products, reducing the load requirement of gull-wing doors

    — Does not block Internet signal transmission, helping intelligent unmanned driving

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    PC Dimming Window


    Size:L:1.5m * W:1.3m


    — Light transmittance 80%, haze 3%

    — Power-on effect, millisecond response

    — 99% UV blocking of PC windows

    — Can be made into hyperboloid shape

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    — Front windshield / doors and windows / skylights / double side windows / rear windows are all made by Ankoglass

    — Significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle, extend the mileage, and reduce fuel consumption

    — Round face

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